As has been reported previously, Indonesia and Turkey have agreed to work together to build medium tanks. Signing of MoU of cooperation itself is made in the event IDEF 2013 in Turkey, beginning last May. 

It is also mentioned, each country will participate as much as 50% -50% in terms of financing and making prototypes. Scheme with its own production will mimic the process of making the CN-235 between IPTN (now PT.DI-ed) and CASA. 

However, how much detail is revealed tersebutbbelumlah cooperation. Editorial ARC then try to figure out some of those involved in this scheme, Medium tanks. ARC then get a few answers. 

The first, which will be constrained Medium tanks later is completely new design. So it does not refer to Ranpur homemade FNSS ACV-300, which has been studied well from PINDAD. Second, the cost for the development of the design was to create a prototype of $ 24 million. Thus, Turkey will be burdened Indonesia amounted to 12 million dollars. 

Subsequently, in late June or early July, PINDAD and FNSS already submitted proposals to the scheme of creation Medium Tank Defense Ministry. 

The proposal contains the estimated amount of cost, production timeline, to design medium tank. ARC also get information, will be made as much as 3 prototype is scheduled to finish in the next 3-4 years. 1 prototype made in PINDAD, and 2 others at FNSS. 

However, one of the prototypes were made in FNSS just a Tank without completeness of the content, aka vacancies. Vacancies prototype is later used for the endurance test various shots. 

However, this is only the early stages of information. Going forward, can still change a lot depending on the result of discussions between the parties PINDAD and FNSS and the Ministry of Defense of both countries. Whatever the outcome, we pray just hope this plan goes smoothly.